Vagator Beach is One of the Most Beautiful and Scenic Beach in Goa


Vagator Beach is one of the beautiful beach in Goa, India and large number of travelers enjoy their trip. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful and scenic beaches in Goa which is situated immediately north of the Anjuna beach.  It’s a crescent shaped beach that has now become a favorite spot among tourists for midnight parties.

There are two beaches in vagator particularly known as big Vagator and small Vagator.  The main beach is big vagator lined with dense palm plantations and white sand. It looks undeniably beautiful.   Although, it has become a premium spot for tourist , one cannot enjoy lying on the sand or peacefully swim around the beach.

Then the small Vagator to the south is more secluded.  It is also known as ozran beach . One has to walk from big vagator To reach here. There is a prominent landmark of the face of shiva sculpted by someone on a rock on the shore at the end of little Vagator.

The tourist traffic is mostly western but now it has also become popular with Indian tourist who usually come to watch the sunset from the rocks. It looks breathtaking from vagator beach. Goa is also famous for its dance and trance parties.  They are situated just near Vagator beach with world class Djs.