Tulum is a Beautiful Places to Visit in Mexico


Tulum is a beautiful tourist place in Mexico.  It has plenty of comfortable accommodations and restaurants catering to all budgets.  The large area of tulum is untouched by overwhelming development.  You won’t find enough mobile signals and wifi can be spotty. Its a place with natural beauty but lacks technical development.

You can hop on this if you are willing to take some time off from work and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere with family. Tulum is named as the ancient wonder.  It holds the honour of being the most picturesque archaeological site in the river maya . It has changed alot over the years. Now it has high class restaurants and resorts and a lot more crowd than before.

How Tulum is a Beautiful Tourist Place in Mexico

Tulum is divided into three main areas : the downtown pueblo, south from the shore along carretera 307; the mayan ruins to the north on the coast; and the beach (zona hotelera) , which extends down from the ruins.  Tulum’s ongoing transformation has brought new services like 24 hour hospital,  four gas stations and supermarket. There are so many hotels for staying in tulum and some of the options are mezzanine hotel,  El pez at turtle cove, hotel  casa sofia. You can visit tulum ruins, el gran cenote, sian ka’an biosphere reserve.