Staying in Beach Condo or Hotel?

Marea Miami Beach Condo

Hotels are one of the most expensive parts of planning a vacation. With the rising costs of hotels and the average price being well over $300.00 per night many vacationers are choosing timeshares and beach condos, which can be rented weekly to save money on their beach vacation. Are you seeking a way to cut the costs on your next vacation and enjoy the experience without breaking the budget? If so, a beach condo is a viable alternative to a hotel as they come with multiple benefits compared to staying in a hotel.

Here are some of the benefits of staying in a beach condo: Beach condos usually come equipped with full kitchens and can save hundreds of dollars that would be spent in choosing restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the entire vacation. This way, the vacationer can make one trip to the supermarket to feed the family through the course of the vacation, reducing the costs which are associated with food that is purchased in restaurant. Especially while traveling with a family, this can save hundreds of dollars. There is usually a living room or common living area in a condo.  In a hotel, you usually walk right into a room …

Getting a Bargain on a Beach Condo

One of the first things to be cut from a tight budget in the time of a recession is vacation funds and entertainment. Although many are suffering from the ill effects of the recession, there are ways that you can take advantage of the economy while planning your next vacation.  There are many places that the vacationer can take advantage of to find bargain prices on a beach condo. Use these tips to help you find the best deal for your budget: Timeshare Websites Owners that have a beach rental that are not going to use it through every weekend, or every week of the year often rent the property to potential vacationers.

There are hundreds of timeshare websites that can be found on the internet that vacationers can take advantage of to find the best deals on timeshares on the beach. Rely on the Locals Consider joining a travel forum that has advice from locals about where to find the best deals on beach condos that are available in the area. Locals may have information about friends or members within the community that have beach condos available for a fraction of the price of hotels.